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Successful websites and stores created with the Fresh Cloud platform

Screenshot of the We Love Sharks website

We Love Sharks - Niche Affiliate Website

This popular shark website and shark store generates traffic from the Google search engine and social networks including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Simple social posts regularly go viral, generating around 100,000 websites visits and $500 in earnings per day. The Fresh Cloud hosting platform handles all traffic spikes without a hiccup meaning no earnings are lost.

We Love Sharks generates income from the Amazon affiliate program, eBay affiliate program, Google Adsense and direct advertising sales.

The We Love Sharks store was created with Fresh Store and allows you to sell products on Amazon, eBay without holding stock or dealing with customers. You take a commission for every sale.

Inside your Fresh Cloud account, we teach you the strategies you can use to build your own high performing websites.

Hawk 250 Store Screenshot

Hawk 250 - Motorcycle Affiliate Store

A passion for motorbiking is behind this successful affiliate store in a unique niche.

The Hawk 250 Store is built using the popular Fresh Store platform (included in all Fresh Cloud accounts) and focuses on a specific motorcycle brand. The store is complimented with a content rich Hawk 250 Website built in WordPress.

Solid Google search engine rankings have given this store consistent traffic for years. The Fresh Cloud platform makes sure the store is fast loading, always up and ready to make sales.

Commissions are made from Amazon and eBay for sales of spare parts and accessories. A private deal with the manufacturer generates regular sales for the motorbikes.

Affiliate stores are a great way to build your online income without the hassle. There is no need to buy stock, deal with customers or process orders - just make sales and take your commissions from Amazon, eBay and others!

Screenshot of Hiking & Biking Trails

Hiking & Biking Trails - Content Website

This website is a great example of turning your hobbies and past-times into an online income!

The owners of Hiking & Biking Trails regularly hike and bike through the local wilderness. One day they decided to build a website to share photos and tips, and the rest is history.

This is a content rich website built using WordPress. Income comes from Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate, eBay Affiliate and the owners also make regular deals to promote related products.

The Hiking Shop is powered by Fresh Store and automatically populated with affiliate products from Amazon and eBay. Every sale made on the store generates a commission directly from Amazon or eBay.

What hobby or passion can you turn into a profitable business?

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