Reseller License

The Fresh Cloud Reseller License is an account add on which allows you to sell your Fresh Stores and/or WordPress websites. The full benefits and terms of use are below.

Please read and understand these conditions. Failure to meet them may result in the suspension of your Fresh Cloud Reseller License.

If you have any questions or need clarification for anything on this page, please contact our support team who are always happy to help.

Reseller License Terms of Use

This page forms the Reseller License Terms of Use. Reseller license holders agree to be bound by these terms of use.

Please read and understand the details on this page. Should you have any questions please contact our support team.

Reseller License Benefits

This license gives you the right to sell Fresh Stores and WordPress websites created with Fresh Cloud to any third party. No commissions are payable to Fresh Store for any sales you make as a reseller.

When you sell a store, your customer will receive a Fresh Cloud account with 6 months free. To open their account they will be required to submit a payment method. No charges will be made until the 6 months has expired.

You will also receive an affiliate commission for payments made by your customers. More details on these commissions are below.

This license also gives you access to training materials, case studies, checklists, copy swipe files, an official reseller badge and more supporting tools in your member’s area.

Selling Price & Conditions

The current minimum selling price for a website or store is $75 or the equivalent in any other currency (within 5%). It is not permitted to sell a store under this price, under any circumstances.

This is not a White Label license. You must not attempt to hide the product (Fresh Cloud) which powers and hosts the websites.

You are not required to explicitly mention Fresh Cloud during your sale. We strongly recommend that you do to benefit from the brand reputation, extra benefits and support they will receive.

Delivering the Websites to Your Customers

When you make a sale your customer will get a full Fresh Cloud account with free access for 6 months.

You must provide your customer with your affiliate link to sign up for the Fresh Cloud account and support them in opening the account. Failure to do this will forfeit your affiliate commissions for that customer.

After 6 months your customer will be charged automatically unless they have cancelled. You will receive 30% commission on every payment your customer makes for their Fresh Cloud main account license. This commission is paid for the lifetime of the customer.

Your customer can choose to cancel their subscription or account at any time. They will still receive the full 6 months free. If they start a subscription after cancelling or upgrade their account, you will receive affiliate commissions.

We fully support your customer from day one with their Fresh Cloud account and they can contact our help desk directly.

We do not support any extras you have provided your customer as part of the sale.

We recommend you stay in touch with your customer in order to offer them more services and help. Building a good relationship with your customer will potentially lead to more sales and recommendations for you.

You are responsible for anything related to transferring the websites and assets to your customer. For example, transferring the domain name into their ownership.

Your Affiliate Commissions

When your customers make a payment for their Fresh Cloud License you benefit from 30% commissions. This applies to every recurring payment your customer makes for the lifetime of their account.

These are affiliate commissions and more information can be found on our Affiliate Signup Page. As an affiliate, you can also promote Fresh Cloud in other ways to earn commissions.

Commissions are paid to you after 30 days of the payment being made.

Payments can be made via PayPal or via other methods (e.g. bank transfer) on request.

Please note also that as an affiliate, you are bound by our Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

Representation of Fresh Cloud

Your responsibility as a Fresh Cloud Reseller is to accurately and honestly represent yourself and Fresh Cloud.

You agree not to:

  • Make any false claims about the product
  • Misrepresent yourself as a Fresh Store team member
  • Make unrealistic, definite claims on earnings or performance
  • Make promises that you can’t fulfil
  • In any way lie, cheat or misrepresent Fresh Cloud


Restrictions on Where and How to Sell

The current restrictions and requirements are in place:

PPC (Pay Per Click) and Keyword Advertising
You are not permitted to bid or purchase advertisements (on any platform) using solely the following keywords:

  • Fresh Cloud
  • Fresh Store
  • Fresh Store Instant
  • Fresh Store Builder
  • Fresh Labs
  • FreshPress

You are permitted to use these keywords in your advertising, but only when properly represented. Some allowed examples include:

  • “Buy a Ready-Made Fresh Store with Unique Content”
  • “FOR SALE: Affiliate Store with $500/month Earnings (Powered by Fresh Cloud)”


You Must Include a Unique Website or Store
In all situations, you must sell a unique store or website.

Advertising on Fresh Cloud Social Pages and Groups
It is not permitted to advertise your stores for sale within our Facebook Group, Page, forum or any other social page owned or managed by Fresh Labs.

You may request permission to do so. This permission must be received in advance.

Bundling Services and Extras
You are permitted to bundle other services and extras with your sales. This might include domain names, content writing, website management services, social media management etc.

However, please note the previous requirement that you must always include a unique website or store with every sale.

Keeping Your License Active

If you cancel your Reseller license or your payments fail, your license will be deactivated.

No refunds are due on full or partial payments for a Reseller License.

Once your license is deactivated, you are not permitted to sell any stores. Any sales in which you haven’t received payment yet from your customer will be invalid and the sale must be cancelled.

In the event of your Reseller License becoming inactive, all of your past customers will remain active and will not be affected. We will continue to support them and will honour their account benefits.

Changes to this License

Please note that this license is subject to change in order to protect Fresh Cloud and other Fresh Cloud Resellers.

We will only change this license in extreme circumstances in case there are unforeseen issues or conflicts. If we change the license, we will notify you by email.

Should a change to this license affect your ability to use the reseller license, you maybe be eligible to claim a refund.

We will provide a pro-rated refund if you can sufficiently demonstrate that the changes to this license have affected your ability to sell stores. The final decision on this refund will be made by Fresh Cloud.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to providing you with the tools, resources and conditions to be a successful reseller.

Our training and Reseller License benefits are regularly reviewed and improved.

We offer you 1-to-1 advice and training on making the most of your Reseller status. Please contact our support team to avail of this benefit.

We encourage you to feedback on your experience and requests so that we can grow a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our Reseller License was last updated on 25th September 2021.

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