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Powerful and PROFITABLE affiliate stores

What if you could run an online store without having to purchase expensive stock, ship the orders, deal with refunds and handle all the customers?

Fresh Store makes all that possible, and more!

You can build a store that is fully populated with Amazon, eBay and other products. When your visitors make a purchase, you make a commission of 5% to 15% and more!

Everything is automated so you don’t have to update the products, prices or any information. New products are automatically added to your stores. All orders are processed by Amazon or eBay.

Even your commissions are automatically paid to you every month!

The PROVEN Way to Build Successful Stores

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The Fresh Store journey started in 2010 with the first version of the product called Fresh Store Builder

We helped over 100,000 members and launched countless affiliate stores before upgrading to Fresh Store Instant in 2017. This version included hosting and more powerful features.

In 2021 we made another big upgrade and upgraded Fresh Store into the cloud.

Today, you can use Fresh Store to build your own affiliate stores in your Fresh Cloud account. 

How to Use Fresh Store for Your Projects

Fresh Store is now available exclusively inside Fresh Cloud.

Fresh Cloud is an all-in-one platform for building and hosting Fresh Stores and WordPress websites.

Your account has everything you need and includes cloud hosting, backups, domains, one-click logins, instant stores and more inside a simple dashboard.

With a Fresh Cloud account, you will be launching affiliate stores and websites with just a few clicks!

Our training guides and friendly support is perfect for beginners. For more experienced users, our advanced features will give you all the control you need.

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